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n i diesellokomotiven diesel locomotives 50 years of the “taiga drum” in the mid-sixties to speed up the transition from steam to diesel east german imperial railways procured 378 class v 200 known as class 120 from 1970 onwards vehicles in several batches from the former soviet union over 3000 m62s were made between 1965 and 1994 at the locomotive factory in luhansk in what is now ukraine a highly reliable vehicle it proved itself under all conditions both in the vast plains of siberia and the caribbean island of cuba the first engines were supplied without an exhaust silencer on the roof and consequently there was nothing to prevent the 2-stroke diesel engine making a loud droning noise due to the almost infernal noise levels the locomotives were quickly nicknamed the “taiga drum” “drone” and “stalin’s revenge” however the term “taiga drum” was only applied to the german locomotives while in czechoslovakia they were christened “sergey” and “gagarin” in poland baureihe v 200/br 120 class v 200/class 120 in order to reduce noise emissions german imperial railways had its own “meinigen” silencer developed which was fitted as standard from the v 200 178 onwards m62-type locomotives were used not only by the german imperial railways but also many industrial railways mainly in the former eastern bloc after the fall of the berlin wall the newly-founded deutsche bahn ag inherited a handful of locomotives until 21th december 1994 when the last “taiga drum” the dresden 220 272 was decommissioned spelling the end of operations for this class at db ag although the “taiga drum” is no longer such a common sight in germany after over 50 years of service it is still hugely popular and has gained the status of a genuine cult locomotive in recent years indeed the private railways itl and leg have a number of “taiga drums”in their rolling stock nevertheless regular services are rather rare in germany due to the high fuel consumption the best place to see the locomotives in action is in neighbouring poland here many models have been fitted with new kolomna engines and are still submitted for regular general inspections by pkp cargo in germany the following vehicles are on display in museums the 120 001 in schwerin the 120 198 in weimar the 120 269 in chemnitz-hilbersdorf the 120 274 in arnstadt the 120 338 in dresden-altstadt and the 120 366 in staßfurt after being decommissioned by db ag some vehicles were also sold to lithuania and even north korea detailbeschreibung auf www.fleischmann.de details on www.fleischmann.de 93