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Weitere Bacher Garten-Center Kataloge | Atelier Vierkant Gefässe 2018 | 128 Seiten | 2018-06-19


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Katalog Atelier Vierkant Gefässe 2018

suns of the sun side by side a s a e c o 60x60 cm double face abu dhabi uc c page 141 business to business del sol del sole pvc rohr page 75 pvc rohren outdoor furniture hotel zermatt page 24 interior design cut off straight line black and with eau de page 17 san francisco black and white golf resort pag 50 mode design mode designer page 20 table top hotels in abu dhabi parts more as a br led lighting light blue c 222 bring it on fine art lift up 35 cm breite h w in the year h 202 40 cm breit 35 cm h 206 sae s breite 60 cm of a line b note b c collection c e www design de t 32

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while there
is a catalogue of ready-made designs it is the possibility of creating bespoke designs that is a strong selling point once the specific shape and function of the required products are determined it is on to annette to work on the design she works from a small prototype in clay or plaster models and modifies it until it is perfect from there it is scanned by a computer and brought to scale in polystyrene from where we make the mould in plaster once this is done the real production of the pot pebble or any other shape in clay is done by the artisans in the factory aside from conventionally shaped vases atelier vierkant’s catalogue has grown to contain clay containers for the table top as well as public seating one of the most popular products the oversized pebbles titled k series is a recent design – not surprising considering the playful character it exudes while functioning as public seating outdoor furniture integrated with led lighting and timber

oct with its complex but complimentary shape the oct bowls can be integrated in different architectural settings used as planter as well as seating the oct series allow to play in different orders and numbers the bowls and seats come in 3 different

ak a h w ak60 70cm 60cm 40kg ak70 75cm 70cm 55kg ak80 88cm 81cm 70kg ak60 27,6” 23,6” 88lbs ak70 29,5” 27,5” 120lbs ak80 34,6” 31,9” 155lbs different colour combinations are possible info upon request a h 36 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 37

62 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 63

clo5Ø 86 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 clo8Ø 87 abhwa clo50 46cm 43cm 50cm 40kg clo80 57cm 51cm 80cm 60kg clo50 18,1” 16,9” 19,9” 88lbs clo80 22,4” 20” 31,5” 132lbs h

hvf abhw hvf80 78cm 37cm 53cm 65kg b h b hv abhw hv50 48cm 20cm 28cm hv60 59cm 25cm 33cm hv80 78cm 37cm 53cm hv130 130cm 80cm 65cm hv140 140cm 90cm 100cm hvr140 140cm 90cm 100cm 20kg 25kg 45kg 150kg 200kg 200kg hv50 18,9” 7,9” 11” 45lbs hv60 23,2” 9,8” 13” 55lbs hv80 30,7” 14,6” 20,9” 100lbs hv130 51,2” 31,5” 25,6” 330lbs hv140 55,1” 35,4” 39,4” 440lbs hvr140 55,1” 35,4” 39,4” 440lbs 110 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 111 h hvf80 30,7” 14,6” 20,9” 145lbs a a

kkc a h w kkc70 67cm 60cm 80kg kkc70 26,4” 23,6” 176lbs a h 136 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 137

od ahaw od40 40cm 45cm 35kg od50 50cm 53cm 40kg od60 60cm 72cm 60kg h od40 15,7” 17,7” 77lbs od60 19,7” 20,9” 88,1lbs od60 23,6” 28,3” 132lbs possibility with or without color rim od oe ahwa oe60 56cm 55cm 50kg oe80 76cm 73cm 100kg h oe60 22” 21,7” 110lbs oe80 29,9” 28,7” 220lbs odb coloured rim top view 160 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 161

uc ub uc50 47cm 57cm 46cm 20kg uc50 18,5” 22,4” 18,1” 44lbs abhw ub40 40cm 20cm 30cm 15kg ub50 50cm 25cm 39cm 20kg ub80 78cm 30cm 68cm 75kg ub40 15,7” 7,9” 11,8” 33lbs ub50 19,7” 9,8” 15,3” 44lbs ub80 30,7” 11,8” 26,8” 165lbs baahh following bark textures are possible white clay with grey texture grey clay with black texture black clay with red texture red clay with black texture 186 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 187 abhw

210 atelier vierkant — collection 2017 211