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Katalog Application Glacier Park 2011

job email address cg 25 is u bo central park men central park women central park men black guam hairstyler mgr yes box the age of reason asian thailand ate est hair style red ox columbia shirt golf goal goal golf ph fun golf v goal park glacier park a jobs golf shop how are you we are the world y o u t u b e f you if not you d o a y l s members white park fun park south park park position sts samoa wil pakistan uae dat interview east asia r seven interstate i phone tribal uniform did living style goal comm yo yo family card

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gla er pa inc acie ark app plicatio for s mer em on summ mploym ment 201 2 1 glacier national park mt watert lakes national park ab t ton s b glac cier park inc gp is a con pi ncessioner of glacier national park as we as an in r r ell ndependen hotel nt operator comm mitted to giving our p personal be in hosp est pitality in these uniq a n d hi que istorical se ttings loca ated in the northwes corner o f montana glacier n e st a national pa offers a n opportu ark unity to wo and ork mee with peo et ople from a over the world a all amidst the tall peaks and deep valleys of north am espf merica s alp you will experienc a summ of adventure and f you wil always re ps ce mer fun ll emember gpi operates s seven histo oric hotels seven re s estaurants five retail gift shops a pro golf shop fou camp f ur store and int es terpretive red bus tours in glacier par thus pr rk roviding a v variety of exciting se easonal emp ployment o opportuniti ies gpi s season is from mids -may throu ugh

glacier park inc general information have you previously been employed by glacier park inc are you over 18 years of age yes no yes no if yes which seasons if no please state your age yes no do you have a current interstate commercial/chauffeur s license cdl check if you can provide documents that establish your right to work in the us 2011 or canada if not do you have a work permit or alien registration card that allows you to legally work in the united states or canada have you been convicted of a felony in the past 7 years yes no if yes please list all convictions in the last 7 years including date of violation do you have restrictions as to which days or hours per day you may work if yes please describe your restrictions yes no educational background degree diploma subjects high school name location culinary food service or hotel/restaurant school name location college/university name location professional references please provide a minimum of 2 professional references

glacier park inc previous employers will be contacted name of company employment history 2011 state city job held supervisor phone number date started date left rate of pay reason for leaving name of company city state job held supervisor phone number date started date left rate of pay reason for leaving name of company city state job held supervisor phone number date started date left rate of pay reason for leaving important the health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance to glacier park inc if accepted for a summer position please be aware that you will be working in a remote environment and in elevations in excess of 5000 feet at some locations medical facilities may be in excess of 40 miles away if you have reason to be concerned about your health or a medical condition that requires regular treatment we strongly encourage you to consult your physician before applying for employment notice please read carefully before signing this company adheres to a policy of

questionnaire how did you hear about us why do you want to work for gpi how will you use your free time are you comfortable living in dorm style housing please add additional comments here interview comments office use only reference check information rn td mh vc nb cg notes rn td mh vc nb cg employment deposit 100 forfeit if season not complete etc gpi appearance policies 3 earrings no beards no spacers hair of natural color no extreme hairstyles meals lodging 1st year $11/day 2nd year $8.25/day 3rd year $5.50/day 4th year $2.75/day 5th year free work schedule hours/week days off requests with mgr passport or 2 forms of id required for check-in no exceptions designated arrival date no early arrivals check-in before 3pm background check conduct dorms alcohol acceptable behaviors etc wage tour gratuity if applicable uniform appropriate shirt pants non-skid shoes etc columbia falls mt 59912 phone 406 892-6719 fax 406

glacier park inc applicant eeo survey glacier park inc is an equal opportunity /affirmative action employer as a federal government contractor we a r e required to keep records and perform certain analyses of our applicants by race ethnicity and gender the information is treated confidentially and is never used in making an employment decision providing the information is voluntary but for any statistical analysis to be meaningful we must have information on as many applicants as possible and it is just as important to collect this information from men and from non-minorities as it is to obtain it from women and minority group members we appreciate that some applicants will find this request intrusive and we regret this however please be advised that we are required by the government to maintain such records and perform such analyses your cooperation will allow us to be accurate if you do not wish to provide this information please check the decline to provide boxes sex race and