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leadership/church growth new new new new 80805325 cole neil organic leadership leadership 13,90/chf 26,90 paperback [9780801072383 80805373 still william the work of the pastor 8,90/chf 17,00 paperback [9781845505738 leadership gain an insight into the work of the pastor it is based on the thesis that the pastor being the shepherd of the ock feeds the ock upon god s word the bulk of pastoral work is therefore through the ministry of the word learn how to unlock leadership potential and to see leadership with new eyes rather than traditional church models in this book neil cole outlines how leaders can develop through a new way of kingdom-building the organic way 80805036 sills david reaching teaching 15,90/chf 30,70 paperback [9780802450296 missions 80805290 johnson craig leadership lead vertically 16,90/chf 32,70 hardback [9780830752157 great leaders build up not down when leaders whether in the church or in the marketplace inspire their teams with a vision of what is possible passion meets production and truly great things start to happen as senior director of family ministries at lakewood church in houston the largest and fastest-growing church in america craig johnson oversees thousands of sta members lay leaders and volunteers from his unique vantage-point comes lead vertically a fresh look at the importance of building teams when the goal is not only success but ful llment lead vertically includes tools and exercises that can be adapted by any leader for teams of any size as well as tips for recruiting training and strengthening teams leaders will learn to inspire even when saying no and to build trust personally not just professionally people can live with disappointment but not without hope and lead vertically shows leaders how to motivate teams by consistently and clearly communicating that the best days are ahead 80800981 cornwall j naughton m 80801783 baer michael 16,90/chf 32,70 paperback [9780830745937 business reaching and teaching surveys contemporary missions methodologies and advocates a return to the biblical task of reaching and teaching the nations for christ s sake outlining issues essential to establishing a ministry that results in discipled and trained national believers sills provides examples of what is left in the wake of reaching and leaving too quickly whether you are a seasoned missionary student or newly curious about missions reaching and teaching will reveal ways you can be more faithful to what christ has called and equipped you to do bringing your business to life business as mission business 11,90/chf 23,00 paperback [9781576583883 like never before christian business leaders have the chance to play a povotal role in trnasforming society the author guides business leaders in developing the vital characteristics of a kingdom business a important book this book examines the four virtues necessary for doing well and being good within the complexities of the life of the businessperson practical and inspiring this unique blend of real cases and practical insights provides a balanced approach to doing business 467348 gumbel nicky 80801927 damazio frank 80801544 maxwell john c alpha questions of life 10,90/chf 21,00 paperback [9781905887774 evangelism character all leaders must have 9,90/chf 19,00 hardback [9781593830281 leadership 17 essential qualities teamplayer 9,90/chf 19,00 paperback [9781400280551 leadership 80801536 maxwell john c in this short but powerful book frank damazio explains how character can cause one to either fulfill or forfeit the call to leadership emphasizing moral purity this book will deeply encourage you to prioritize integrity in your life john c maxwell presents a clear analysis of the personal characteristics necessary for becoming an e ective team player in questions of life alpha pioneer nicky gumbel honestly and sensibly tackles some of the key questions faced by seekers who are giving consideration to the claims of christianity gumbel points the way to an exciting faith that is both authentic and relevant to today`s world leadership gold leadership 13,90/chf 26,90 paperback [9781400280070 here`s a golden opportunity to be mentored by a master leader forty years in the making maxwell`s magnum opus includes 26 brand-new lessons along with stories of his own successes and failures 25