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Katalog BMX & Lifestyle Bikes 2019

r 100 r w h i r l p o o l 4 x 4 500 x 300 x 300 mm 100 x 100 mm 27 j o u r s d a m o u r 4 m x 4 m 4 x 4 m 3 m x 5 m up and down 110 x 110 mm b b 500 x 300 mm o ring 5 x 1 5 9 x 9 30 x 300 mm 7 x 7 a s m c s w m o d 4 1 2 x 100 10 x 2 5 2 x 1 like a bike single speed bikes flip flop hi ten new line back to back glossy white u brake a head sc 1 lb 3 k 844 i 2 d g o 12 inch o m t b rs b o b f 2 tr 2 pos in the end dt 50 m 380 x 300 b i c i x s 70 x 110 mm g 50 l k 3 x 140 x 140 t e c 140 x 100 k 12 500 s o ring 57 x 2 60 x 160 mm

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prime 12 2019 — color metallic green — size 12 inch chf 299.00

reason 2019 — color matt pastel yellow matt black — size 20 inch chf 669.00

battleship rsd lsd 2019 color battleship rsd — specs matt mint green 4130 full crmo hydroformed gussets removable pivots guides wethepeople “battleship” fork post liquid heat-treated butted sanko tubing 1pc cnc steerer 24mm offset Éclat „strangler“ 4pc bar post liquid heat-treated 4130 crmo 25.4mm clamping wethepeople “remote” flangeless grips Éclat „tech-bolt“ barends Éclat „domain“ cnc alloy top loading stem 48mm reach 25.4mm clamping decals a head tube b fork c down tube a b Éclat “wave” int headset sealed bearing saltplus “geo” hinged alloy brake lever Éclat “talon” alloy u-brake rear wethepeople “logic” 22mm tubular 3pc crank crmo 165mm 48 spline c wethepeople “compact” 22mm press fit sealed bearing Éclat “slash” nylon/fiberglass pedals saltplus “warlock” half-link chain Éclat “ak“ 6061-t6

dice fs — 20 color neon green size 20“ chf 429.00

size valac 20“ color cyan purple fade decals a fork b top tube c down tube a b c frame geometry frame top tube down tube chain stays crmo 1020 hi-ten removable pivots guides fork radio “pro” full crmo fork crmo steerer 26mm offset bars radio “pro” bar full crmo grips radio “am xl” grips stem salt “zion” top loading stem 50mm reach headset salt “pro” int headset sealed bearing gyro holes for removable gyro tabs lever radio “am” alloy brake lever brakes saltplus “geo xl” alloy u-brake rear cranks radio “am” tubular 3pc crank crmo 170mm 8 spline bb mid size press fit sealed bearing pedals radio “pro” nylon/fiberglass pedals chain salt “am” chain 510h type sprocket radio “vision” steel 25t sprocket driver 9t cassette driver sealed bearing front hub salt “ex” alloy hub sb male axle 3/8“s 36h rear hub salt “ex” alloy

griffin pro — 26 color matt translucent gold size 26“ chf 1299.00

as they say as they say ’life always goes full circle’ after over 3 years of extensive research and development radio bikes is beyond excited to bring you a new story in bmx racing radio raceline combines over 20 years of experience of creating bmx bikes together with input from some of the world’s best racers and industry players to create a revolutionary and all-encompassing line up of bikes built to take you to the finish line unlike anything else tested on the track and designed in conjunction with a team with bmx race knowledge spanning 3 decades radio raceline enters the market with an incredibly well thought out and power ful line of pure bred race machines you’ll find no gimmicks on any of our bikes no “goofy ” tubing shapes or unnecessary features our bikes have been built from the ground up with race proven geometry and technology combined with and clean functional aesthetics designed to give you the best possible holeshot out of the

color black/white frame 6061 t6 alloy forged dropouts with int chain tensioner fork full crmo 1-1/8” butted steerer tube bars 4130 seamless crmo grips radio xenon grip diamond knurling clamp on grip 139mm length stem radio xenon pro stem toploader ext 53mm cold forged/cnc alloy headset fsa pro int headset sealed threadless 1-1/8” lever rear promax xl-378 brakes rear promax mv-88 cranks radio xenon pro 2pc crank cold forged/cnc alloy,175mm length 24mm spindle bb radio bsa24 alloy,cnc external bearing cups sealed pedals radio xenon pedal slim profile alloy crmo axle chain kmc z33 1/2” 3/32” sprocket radio xenon pro sprocket 44t alloy driver radio 16t cog 1/2” 3/32” sealed driver front hub radio xenon pro hub alloy cnc fully sealed female bolt axle highend front hub 32t rear hub radio xenon pro hub alloy cnc fully sealed female bolt highend cassette hub 36t rims front alex mus30 32h alloy frear alex mus30 36h alloy seat radio pivotal no padding seat

chf 2399.00 m at tgrey 6 5 0 b smaller wheels bigger tyres rowdier personality the burly hook ext is made for the most extreme drop bar adventures a classic case of “if it ain’t broke – d o n ’ tfixit ” besidesaddingawider m o re durable t47 bottom bracket we’ve revised the cable routing to keep the bike looking clean with any combination of derailleurs and dropper posts besides this the bike retains the same gorgeous matt metallic grey paint scheme and awesome parts list that ’s madeita pin-up for many gravel

wh e el size color 1 color 2 fr ame fork h andl ebars grips stem h eadse t l e vers sh ifter br ake s cr an kse t bb pedals ch ain ch ain ring c asse t te fr on t de r ailleu r rear der ailleu r fr on t h ub rear h ub fr on t rim rear rim saddl e se at post se at cl amp fr on t tire rear tire fe nde rs r ack l igh ts weigh t 700c m e ta llicma ro o n 4 1 3 0 c r mo f ro nt tr iangle fu l l 4 1 3 0 c r mo fo r k 1 ’’ s te e re r w i th rac k and fend er mounts b o m bt r ac khori zo n f l at ba r 5 6 0 mm 25 4 mm 8° bac k sweep b o m bt r ac k spac e 1 3 0 mm gr ipwi th leather bar tape b o m bt r ac k j au n t fo rg edall oy qu i l l stem -17° f sa duronxsealed ex te rnalheadset 1’’ threaded pr o max 2 4 9 aall oy bra kele ve rstektror 3 5 9 a l l oy cali pe r bra kesbom bt r ac k a f 2 2 a l l oy c ra n k s qu a re taper bsasealedbb 1 1 3 5 mm s qu a re ta pe rbom bt r ac k st rollall oy pe dalkmc 5 1 0 hxchain 1 /2 ’’ x 1 /8

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