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singing rock produce harnesses which are very comfortable simple to use and suitable for every working situation for workers at height thanks to the innovated technologies and smart solutions singing rock can offer a full range of safety harnesses covering all areas of working applications singing rock harnesses are exclusively manufactured in czech republic 4 roof reconstruction poniklá czech republic photo jiří

harness padding w0092bb removable shoulder and leg padding intended for body ii basic and basic light harnesses • durable and soft material spreads the tension to a bigger surface to increase the conform of wearing the harness • reduces the effects of suspension trauma after a fall • integrated loops on shoulder padding for hooks storage • removable and washable padding size s/m/l xl/xxl weight 236 g • 8.33 oz s/m/l connection strap w2020x080 extremely light and durable sling intended mainly for connection between rear dorsal attachment point and self-retractable lifelines • allows an easy self-connection to the rear en 361 d-ring • made out of dyneema • 15 cm and 5 cm long loops are on both ends of a sling • big loop is overturned to make a girth hitch knot over a d ring suspension trauma safety strap length 80 cm width 13 mm weight 40 g • 1.41 oz xce 1019 en 354 w1029bx00 auxiliary sling preventing effects of suspension

ropes static route 44 teflon® dupont® stitched eye experience the touch of the future route 44 is unique technology invented and patented by singing rock route 44 technology allows blending of properties that were considered impossible before rope braided by using route 44 technology is more compact softer and above all it is more durable than conventional rope all that is achieved by making no compromises in using correct sheath thickness which is round-braided by 44 carriers these features combine to give you better rope selected singing ropes are produced with a duponttm teflon® fabric protector license ropes protected by a teflon® layer have extraordinary water and abrasion resistance the teflon® layer also effectively prevents the intrusion of dust particles into the rope structure and thus increases its lifespan selected singing rock static ropes which are marked with stitched eye icon are possible to produce with one or two stitched eyes at the end of the rope

light alloy k0112ee00 black – k0112bb00 colt screw our smallest super light locking carabiner ideal for belaying and anchor building on trad and alpine climbs • hot-forged i-beam construction makes the biner very light and still extremely strong with 11 kn gate open rating • angled snag free keylock nose for smooth clipping and unclipping maneuvers • ergonomic shape and gate position designed to provide large opening and large basket area • screw locking sleeve for great handling and effective locking • for better gear management the screw gates are in different colors • each carabiner is individually tested for the strength 10 kn • unique production number for better traceability and inspection straight – k0111ee00 straight black – k0111bb00 bent – k0110ee00 bent black – k0110bb00 colt straight colt bent full size size hot forged carabiner with solid gate this real all–round biner is engineered to

anchor devices glue in anchor rk703xx10 stainless steel durable permanent anchor point • works also in soft or pocketed stone • smooth eye allows safe rope threading for retreat • made of welded grade aisi 316 stainless steel • for drilled hole with diameter 12 mm • recommended glue upm 44 or fis 360v resin capsule rm10 hanger plate diameter 10 mm length of shaft 80 mm weight 120 g 3.18 oz strength xcg 30 kn xma 25 kn en 959 • en 795 type a 10mm stainless – rk702xx10 12mm stainless – rk702xx12 10mm zinc – rk704xx10 12mm zinc – rk704xx12 stainless steel zinc coated hanger plate for permanent anchor point • loop for two carabiners • steel plate with 3mm thickness weight 45 g • 1.60 oz strength 25 kn d – mobile a0002ss01 door or window anchor point • an indispensable anchor point protect against sudden falls • the safety traverse offers in connection with the rope perfect safety solution

retractable fall arresters retractable type fall arresters this part of your safety system allows you to move freely within a certain distance during your work and absorbs the impact in the event of a fall all devices are certified according to en 360:2002 some of them are suitable for rescue purposes according to en 1496:2007 srl self-retracting lanyard devices are self-retractable while winches are manually operated inos line is an economical solution for light use consisting of 4 models of srls with most common length of wire rope or webbing lifeline – 3,5 m 6m 10m 20m each package includes an accessory cord for lowering the connector of the devices inos line is possible to use only for vertical fall arrest it is an ideal device for scaffolds ladders and pylons inos 3.5 ikar line is an ultimate hi-end range with a variety of solutions to cover all possible needs these sturdy low-maintenance height safety devices with webbing or galvanized steel lifeline are offered mainly in

fall absorbers reactor 3 w4320ww00 shock absorber • parts exposed to abrasion covered with a tubular webbing • shock absorber covered with a textile sheath • shock absorber can be easily taken out and dried • methodical and identification label is placed inside the textile cover • light alloy ring enables to shorten a webbing in a half • different webbing lengths are produced on customer’s request • connectors and shock absorber cannot extend 2 m • possibility to stitch-in a connector en 362 • length of completely ripped out fall absorber 140 cm xce 1019 • en 355 reactor 3 i small connector k370 – alloy k369 – steel code connectors w4330w085 w4331w085 w4334w085 w4332w085 w4333w085 w4330w155 w4331w155 w4332w155 w4333w155 85 shock absorber i 85 cm i 155 cm reactor 3 y y 85 cm y 155 cm reactor 3 ring y connector giga k355 length inc cm w4340w085 w4341w085 w4344w085 w4342w085 w4343w085

accessories and promotional working pants lightweight and highly flexible pants specially intended for work at heights • perfect combination of durability working comfort and maximum • contrast colours and reflective strips increase the worker´s visibility • material elastan guarantees a very high comfort during movement • jeans low cut for comfortable fit • higher back for comfortable fit with a working harness • four zippered pockets to secure any items needed in the pocket • large zippered pocket for mobile phone or small items including loops to ensure against the fall • in the side seam pockets for a knife pencil screw driver and other small tools • on the back part deep pocket for small items • loops for 50 mm wide belt • large two loops for braces • front part reinforced with cordura • pants ending with adjustable velcro against heat loss the penetration of dirt snow etc • pants tested in the

tech-info fall factor joule reactor lanyard without fall absorber basic skills when safeguarding an ascent using a fall arrest type „y“ it is necessary to move at the level ff1 and lower it means that the connectors en362 connected to the fall absorber en355 during the ascent do not „fall“ below the connection point of the harness en361 in which the absorber is connected to the harness force steel cable static rope dynamic rope fall absorber the impact force if determines the maximum value of force generated during fall arrest of the object by the safety chain the value of ip has a direct impact on the safety of worker at height ideally we avoid ip if we reduce it to the lowest level possible max 6kn load of continuous anchoring point an example is creating a deviation using rope techniques time anchoring when anchoring from different point it is necessary to take into account angles of supporting elements aprox 136 aprox

tech-info wind turbines work at height for wind turbine operators includes the elements of a safe system of work equipment selection and inspection use of tools risk assessment method statements and emergency procedures evacuation and rescue using industry standard equipment are practiced at height basic pulley systems 25 kg 33 kg 50 kg 20 kg 25 kg 100 kg 100 kg 100 kg 20 kg 100 kg 100 kg 152 100 kg 100 kg 100

warning activities at height such as climbing via ferrata caving rappelling ski-touring rescue work at height and exploration are dangerous activities which may lead to severe injury or even death thus the following is essential before use careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use understanding and acceptance of the risk involved in case of doubt or problem of understanding contact singing rock singing rock poniklá 317 cz-512 42 poniklá e-mail tel +420 481 585 007 fax +420 481 540 040 catalogue singing rock 2018 – working equipment singing rock – all rights reserved technical specifications may change without notice printed in czech