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canyoning canyon xp c5030bs canyoning harness with padded waistbelt and protective seat for advanced users • ergonomic design and padded waistbelt for higher comfort • reinforced tie-in point/belay loop for increased durability • colour belay loop for proper tie-in/attachment point strength 15 kn • padded leg loops with 3 rock&lock smart buckles for easy and fast adjustment • removable and replaceable sit protector protects the wet suit from abrasion • 2 reinforced gear loops with a load capacity 10 kg size s m/l xl weight 614 g • 21.66 oz [m/l xce 1019 • en 12277 • xuiaa top canyon c5029bs canyoning harness for canyoing schools and centers • one size fits all from children to adults • 3 smart buckles rock&lock for easy and fast adjustment • lightweight construction • reinforced tie-in point/belay loop for increased durability • colour belay loop for proper tie-in attachment point strength 15 kn

middle marking thermotransfer end marking of singing rock ropes thermo-transfer etiquette is the special plastic etiquette applied to the rope sheath by the means of heat and pressure this marking id durable and does not create any broad forms on ends of ropes which can stack anywhere very easy e.g pulling down rope from rappel station and so on at half of the length the rope is visibly marked by colour which does not affect the core structure and its mechanical properties stitched eye an excellent way of rope ending selected singing rock static ropes which are marked with stitched eye icon are possible to produce with one or two stitched eyes at the end of the rope harnesses helmets ice line a standard for water repellent ropes approved by the uiaa safety commission to pass the test at a certified laboratory the amount of absorbed water must not be greater than 5 of the rope’s weight for comparison a non-treated rope absorbs around 50 of water in this test and ropes labelled

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pulleys tandem pulley rk803bb00 double pulley for tyrolean traverses and zip-lines with two stainless steel sheaves • each sheave is equipped with a pair of sealed ball bearings for great durability • hard aluminium alloy body is black anodized and protects the sheaves from damage • large attachment point can accommodate up to three carabiners • second attachment point for back-up carabiner or tackle systems building strength 25 kn max Ø rope 13 mm static and dynamic ropes 12 mm steel cable sheave stainless steel side plates aluminium alloy sealed ball bearing steel axle stainless steel weight 290 g • 10.2 oz serial unique number xce 1019 • en 12278 ascenders cam clean rk805bx00 compact and lightweight chest ascender for safe and smooth rope ascent rescue and special rope techniques • simple and quick manipulation • lower hole angled to keep flat position on the harness • stainless steel toothed cam for higher corrosion

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harnesses promotional p0026xx00 notepad a5 p0030xx00 manage your important tasks or jot down your to-do list with our singing rock notepads singing rock pen usb flash drive ballpoint pen for everyday writing wooden flash drive to transport and store your personal files • small ring to connect it to your key holder or accessory cord capacity 8 gb material eco friendly wood condom safety first upcycled document folder xc011xx00 comes in handy for your rest days size uni xce 1023 • made from old advertising banners • each bag is unique due to the use of various banners or their various parts • protects your work or study materials travel visas guidebook or notebook material up-cycled banners size 36 x 27 cm • 14 x 11 in weight 245 g • 8.6 oz 123 accessories slings p0023xx00 ice line p0019xx00 hardware p0022xx00 helmets eco-friendly plastic bag this degradable bag contains the special additives which help the bag to break down into natural compounds

warning activities at height such as climbing via ferrata caving rappelling ski-touring rescue work at height and exploration are dangerous activities which may lead to severe injury or even death thus the following is essential before use careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use understanding and acceptance of the risk involved in case of doubt or problem of understanding contact singing rock contact singing rock poniklá 317 512 42 poniklá czech republic tel +420 481 585 007 e-mail carlos „citro“ logroño spain photo david munilla address social singingrock_official