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2011 en singing rock arboristic

danger tree cutting jičín czech republic • photo lukáš neklan singing rock offers the personal protective equipment for work at height specialy intended for an arboriculture an arborist arboriculturalist or tree surgeon is a professional in the practice of arboriculture which is the management and maintenance of the trees to move around freely and efficiently arborists fasten a rope from the ground and then install a device for ascending the rope once the arborist is in position he needs to remain balanced and feels comfortable for pruning removal of dead branches shaping of tree for structural health and aesthetic purposes singing rock has everything what an arborist need for permanent fall protection the range of equipment available includes harnesses ropes hardware rapelling devices safety equipment for heights anchor points and sets for typical work situations all of the high-performance and innovative products are developed and produced in czech republic the

news arboristic equipment k0019ee00 hypnos/triple lock light alloy key lock triple lock w9500y treemouse arboristic throwing bag for tree climbing k0018aa00 ozone/triple lock oval light alloy carabiner key lock triple lock w104or jingle ii cambium saver intended for use in tree climbing as anchor device and belay anchor c053rw00 first aid bag compact and light first aid bag for minimalists w0061br timber ii work positioning harness presenting a perfect choice for arborists timber ascent rope rope diameter 11.5 mm timber accessory cords rope diameter 8 and 10 mm timber accessory cords timber lowering rope rope diameter 15 mm with sewn eyes rope diameter 8 and 10 mm

harnesses rock&lock patented smart buckle system easy to lock and open only small effort of your fingers is needed to lock and open • smart function rock&lock allows you to put on your harness very quickly • double safety webbing cannot slip through rock&lock due to safety loop at the end spontaneous opening of rock&lock is virtually impossible • lightweight and extra strong • excellent function in all-season conditions function guaranteed even when webbing is wet or frozen speed buckle 1 second buckle the singing rock speed is the side quick release buckle • easy operation • quick release • durable • 2-finger safety release • adjustable • compact and handy • strap width up to 45 mm w0061br w0022br timber ii urban ii work positioning harness presenting a perfect choice for arborists • innovated anatomic waist belt and leg padding perfectly fits man anatomy • removable and exchangable bridge connecting the

helmet arboristic equipment 1 make the loop and put it through the buckle frame 2 hook the loop on cross bar x0033 kask work helmet • helmet with an innovative design light compact comfortable and well ventilated • air intakes protected by an aluminium anti intrusion grille • provided with a fast simple and effective size adjustment mechanism • the outer shell is high density and shock resistant • provided with external lamp clips made of strong nylon compatible with all helmet lamps available on the market • chinstrap with four fastening points at the back for a better fit fixed to the shell without rivets quick fastening and opening with a safety release system in compliance with en 397 • may be fitted with the kask visor visiera plasma work code x0035 • compatible with all peltor ear defenders with p3a screw attachment 3 tighten it is easy as that size universal adjustable from size 51 to 62 weight 380 gr colours available for aq

ropes timber set new line has been developed especially for maximum comfort of work of tree workers and arborists set is completed with a throwline an accessory cord and a throw bag all in high quality and in colours that are markedly visible in the treetops route 44 experience the touch of the future route 44 is unique technology invented and patented by singing rock it opens new horizons for braiding of climbing and static ropes route 44 technology allows blending of properties that were considered impossible before rope braided by using route 44 technology is more compact softer and above all it is more durable than conventional rope all that is achieved by making no compromises in using correct sheath thickness which is round-braided by 44 carriers these features combine to give you better rope seam cover the cover is made of high-durable transparent elastomer it protects strength seam on the rope and allows its control and revision timber lowering rope 15 timber ascent rope 11.5

anchor devices and lanyards w1011wb02 length 200 cm w1011wb04 length 400 cm site the work positioning lanyard with great handling makes your work safe and efficient • weight 410 g without connector • 11 mm rope sewn-in unopenable version of locker rope clamp fall arrester • rope covered with tubular webbing • parking cam for blocking in required position • allows you to work freely and safely with both hands ce1019 • en 358 • en 353-2 w1025bx00 footer ii complete multifunctional ascender webbing with maillon • fully adjustable enables to add second webbing for other leg dimension min length 50 cm 19.7 in max length 150 cm 59 in weight 180 g 6.35 oz rock&lock smart buckle steel c2150by arboristic equipment reactor 2 shock absorber • parts exposed to abrasion covered with a tubularwebbing • shock absorber covered with a textile sheath shock absorber can be easily taken out and dried • methodical and identification

connectors k0018aa00 k0018bb00 black matt k4081zo oval light alloy carabiner key lock triple lock • designed to be used with pulleys ascenders and descenders • easy to turn around in the slings or the anchor points ª 26 kn º 9 kn Ω 7 kn gate opening d 21 mm 85 g • 3 oz ce 1019 • en 362 • en 12275 d steel connector triple lock oval steel connector triple lock with triple lock gate key lock zinc plated • designed for industrial use • zinc plated surface material steel ª 50 kn º 13 kn Ω 20 kn gate opening d 25 mm 267 g • 9,42 oz unique production number ce 1015 • en 362 with key lock and triplelock gate • designed for industrial use • zinc plated surface material steel ª 30 kn º 9 kn Ω 8 kn gate opening d 17 mm 195 g • 6,88 oz unique production number ce 1015 • en 362 ozone triple lock k4081zo key-lock for easy manipulation key lock is an extremly simple and ingenious

pulleys arboristic equipment k82006z k7950ee maillon mini twister oval d 6 mm 4 kn gate opening 7,5 mm zinc-plated • 33 g rotating anchor placed between a load and either rope or cable the twister avoids severe rope twisting while the load turns working load 5 kn color orange red elox strength 40 kn weight 165 g 5.82 oz k82207z maillon small delta d 7 mm 4 kn gate opening 11 mm zinc-plated • 60 g k6220bb pulley small roll 22 kn max o rope 13 mm usage textile rope sheave light-alloy friction bearing weight 94 g ce • en 12278 k6380bb tandem pulley k6392bb k6391bb lift left lift right o rope 8 13 mm size uni • weight 215 g ce 0639 • en 567 o rope 8 13 mm size uni • weight 215 g ce 0639 • en 567 hand and chest ascenders for safe and smooth ascent 25 kn max o rope textile rope 13 mm steel 12 mm sheave stainless steel roll bearing weight 270 g ce 0639 • en 12278 unique production number identification of metal parts for better traceability

accessoriess c0046bb s9000bb50 expedition bag gear bag tarp duffle 70 90 l it’s not your average duffel bag… made from a durable laminate material the tarp duffel is almost indestructible bag • alpine-cut shoulder straps • dual daisy chains • twin haul handles on ends • rugged construction with extra bartacks and double stitching • four compression straps • internal mesh pockets • pocket on top capacity 70 90 color black weight 1820 g 70 l 2270 g 90 l ±15g material pvc c0046bb70 70 litres black c0046bb90 90 litres black made out of waterproof durable and washable material super durable and very convenient this bag takes up minimal space and stays dry on the top there is transparent pocket for your documents in format a4 • intended for storage of your gear • washable • minimum seams • main seams hf welding • durable material • color yellow and black capacity 35 and 50 l s9000bb35 gear bag

accessoriess arboristic equipment c909 belt for throusers with rock&lock smart buckle this buckle is used on almost every harness from singing rock production size m xl k9000bb03 porter plastic holder for industrial tools • for racking slings industrial tools or chain-saw on the harness • easy clipping and un-clipping • the nose on the upper part allows to set away some staff in order to access staff on the bottom • rubber part fixes the porter on place and prevent it from rotation warning not for climbing the porter is not load-bearing it is not designed to hold human´s weight do not use it for protection or belaying max load 5 kg weight 32 g color black a0051os00 dante pocket knife for tree surgery or rescue situations • with first class toothed stainless steel blade • blade length 80 mm one hand operation and safety lock of opened knife material blade stainless steel orange plastic handle stainless steel flexy clip weight 83 g p0010x050

singing rock arboristic equipment eurotreeworker singing rock is a partner of czech certification organization providing the certificate europeantreeworker etw warning isa singing rock is a associate member of international society of arboriculture this program has been launched in 2009 as a resource to help members communicate better with and educate the public about the arboriculture activities at height such as climbing via ferrata caving rappelling ski-touring rescue work at height and exploration are dangerous activities which may lead to severe injury or even death thus the following is essential before use careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use understanding and acceptance of the risk involved in case of doubt or problem of understanding contact singing rock singing rock poniklá 317 cz–512