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norms sport 2019 directive 2006/42/cee machinery directive 89/686/cee personal protective equipment 93/42/cee medical devices norms personal eye protection protezione personale degli occhi en 341 descender devices for rescue dispositivi di discesa per salvataggio en 353-1 guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line dispositivi anticaduta di tipo guidato comprendenti una linea di ancoraggio rigida en 353-2 guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line dispositivi anticaduta di tipo guidato comprendenti una linea di ancoraggio flessibile en 354 lanyards cordini en 355 energy absorbers assorbitori di energia en 358 belts for work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyards cinture di posizionamento sul lavoro e di trattenuta e cordini di posizionamento sul lavoro en 360 retractable type fall arresters dispositivi anticaduta di tipo retrattile en 388 protective gloves against mechanical risk guanti di protezione contro i rischi meccanici en 361 full

caving suggested items prodotti consigliati 1 caving mouse secur eight anchor kit speleagle futura hand futura foot page 25 page 98 page 78 page 35 page 104 page 79 futura body page 79 18 voronya krubera cave “way to the dream” ph d provalov

harnesses imbracature sport 2019 aeron flex revolutionary harness equipped with the new patented flex system that allows based on personal preferences and practiced activities the choice of position and quantity of gear loops and various accessories needed adjustable leg loops with more than 20 positioning slots it comes the most versatile/flexible harness in the world perfect for “fanatics” of customization supplied with 4 standard gear loops 1 long gear loop and 1 multifunction loop on request a series of accessories that allow you to customize your own ideal harness 8bset0001kk weight 340g without gear loops and various accessories size m © 3 harnesses imbracature www.kong.it aeron speed aeron sport the lightest and minimalist model of aeron family fixed leg loops developed for sport climbing equipped with 3 gear loops and a modern and compact multi-colour look a great comfort in only 310g size m on the line of aeron speed it has been developed aeron

connectors connettori materials materiali utilizzati alu alloy lega d’alluminio how to choose a connector come scegliere un connettore www.kong.it shape forma sleeves ghiere di sicurezza screw vite oval ovale best weight/load ratio anodized finishing for the best resistance in aggressive environments attractive look colored finishing versatile shape that shares the load between the spine and the gate miglior rapporto peso/carico finitura tramite anodizzazione per la migliore resistenza in ambienti aggressivi aspetto accattivante finitura colorata forma versatile che distribuisce uniformemente il carico tra il corpo e la leva carbon steel acciaio al carbonio for heavy loads special black burnished finishing for better visibility of the laser markings and a more attractive look per utilizzi gravosi e di carico pesante speciale finitura brunitura nera per una migliore visibilità della marcatura laser e un aspetto accattivante asymmetric asimmetrico designed to orient

connectors connettori quick links maglie rapide sport 2019 www.kong.it quick link “d” quick link argon sets oval quick link available in stainless steel and carbon steel “d” shape carbon steel quick link set argon wire ultralight quickdraw set only 69g fitted with two wire gate connectors the perfect choice for those who look for maximum lightness set argon mix the keylock connector helps with unclipping from the bolt or hanger when cleaning while the wire gate connector helps with clipping the rope in while climbing set argon kk keylock system on both connectors in order to avoid every possible catch maglia rapida in acciaio al carbonio forma semirotonda a “d” maglia rapida ovale disponibile in acciaio inox e acciaio al carbonio trapezium quick link quick link asymmetric trapezoidal stainless steel quick link asymmetric carbon steel quick link conceived for use with our duck rope clamp or other small devices maglia rapida

descenders discensori sport 2019 oka www.kong.it 8 classic descender especially conceived for canyoning designed not only for progression on rope but also for use in emergency recovery and rescue situations which are very difficult to manage with other devices quick safe and effective function in all conditions the ease of operation diversity of progression techniques on ropes of different diameters and the multitude of braking positions are characteristics achieved through its joint development with rescue technicians connector suggested large multiuse auto block #737.v1 available as a set oka large multiuse auto block connector 805set001kk supplied with two spare rubber parts big 8 alu new classic figure of ‘8’ descender perfect for belaying the first climber with half single or double ropes a true workhorse for kong which continues to be popular all over the world works on ropes from 9 to 12 mm available in 5 vivid colours classico discensore a

rope clamps bloccanti sport 2019 www.kong.it 8 rope clamps bloccanti accessories accessori lift procave sling ascender help rope clamp for rope access available in left and right versions all the components are part of the latest generation of kong blockers excellent locking ability particularly on muddy and icy ropes thanks to the holes in the cam and on the side plate the new material and a special chemical and thermal process give the cam a much higher surface hardness in addition to the black color the result is great wear resistance and a reduction of the fragility that usually occurs by quenching steel to low temperatures new opening lever which is ergonomic easy to handle and protected from shocks and the risk of accidental opening ascender specifically designed for use with two hands ergonomic shape and very small dimensions high performance on muddy ropes due to the holes in both the cam and the body available in right and left versions adjustable stirrup from 90 to 120

via ferrata sets set ferrata k.k.r kong klettersteig rope kisa kong impact shock absorber via ferrata set made of rope with a shock absorber plate with rope that allows you to tackle via ferrata more safely fitted with aluminum ferrata connectors express sleeve and heavy load stitching the shock absorber plate can be easily inspected thanks to the convenient velcro bag through controlled rope slippage energy dissipators reduce the impact caused by an accidental fall the kisa kong impact shock absorber dissipator allows use of two different rope diameters inserted in different openings with the purpose of obtaining various degrees of friction and paying out the user must decide for him/herself which is the most suitable way to use the equipment and the length of rope to be paid out the most correct set-up may vary according to the weight of the user and the various types and conditions of the rope remember that wet ropes do not slide so quickly set da ferrata in corda con

winter line linea invernale soul ice axes piccozze sport 2019 www.kong.it 12 winter line linea invernale ice axes piccozze dhino light dhino classic dhino alpine ultralight ice axe for ski alpinism with aluminum peak and body handle with differentiated grain finish for improved grip tape leash to avoid loss lenght 50 cm certified to ce en 13089/1 classic mountaineering ice axe light alu alloy body zinc plated steel peak and spike handle with differentiated grain finish for improved grip tape leash to avoid loss available in two sizes 50 and 60 cm certified to ce en 13089/1 technical mountaineering ice axe light alu alloy bent body zinc plated steel peak and spike handle with differentiated grain finish for improved grip tape leash to avoid loss available in three sizes 50 55 and 60 cm certified to ce en 13089/1 piccozza ultraleggera da scialpinismo con becca e corpo in alluminio impugnatura con finitura a grana differenziata per migliorare il grip dragonne in

bags sacchi accessories accessori sport 2019 gadgets chalk bag protection tape chalk bag for climbing and mountaineering wide opening for easy chalking drawstring closure and double loops for attaching to the harness elastic webbing to hold the brush new design matching the hornet crash pad adhesive protection tape for climbers’ hands and fingers or ankles available in two widths 1.5 and 5 cm length 10 m sacca porta-magnesite per arrampicata e alpinismo ampia apertura per un passaggio agevole della mano chiusura con coulisse doppia asola per il fissaggio all’imbrago fettuccia elastica per posizionare lo spazzolino.nuova grafica abbinata al crash pad hornet 14 nastro adesivo di protezione per le mani e le dita disponibile in due larghezze 1,5 e 5 cm lunghezza 10 m material cm g 950030000kk 1,5 950080000kk 5 magnesia 848000000kk material nylon capacity l g 60 kong cleaner and protective oil 950020000kk 950090000kk 950050000kk 950070000kk 950060000kk

kong s.p.a via xxv aprile 4 zona industriale i 23804 monte marenzo lc italy tel +39 0341630506 fax +39 0341641550 info@kong.it www.kong.it “campione gratuito di modico valore art 2 c 3 dpr 633/72” kong sport 2019 en/it rev