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stretchers barelle professional rescue 2018 k.a.r.s kong anti rotation system 1 stretchers barelle www.kong.it lecco the lecco stretcher was conceived by kong for mountain rescue operations it weighs about 28 pounds and it is easily transported by hand or in a helicopter easily transportable inside its transport bag quick setup reduced weight 13 kg maximum transportability horizontal-vertical conforms to en 1865 accessories to satisfy any need available in different colours on request its length handles included is 3.1 m without handles it is 1.89 m long refolded in its transport bag the stretcher takes up 90x45x27 cm as a rule the assembly takes 3 minutes the cloth is provided with a range of straps for securing the wounded person at various points the stretcher bottom is stiffened by webbing and the removable headrest pillow is padded and anatomically shaped three outer tightening straps ensure a perfectly secure hold a double opening zipper allows the cloth to be opened

stretchers barelle accessories accessori professional rescue 2018 handles bottom protection 4 handles to guide the stretcher when fitted with a wheel they also allow for four rescuers to carry the stretcher on their shoulders 4 manici innestabili alla struttura per guidare la barella con le ruote montate permettono anche il trasporto a spalla a quattro soccoritori fitted with two sheets of aluminum alloy and designed to be mounted on the lecco stretcher facilitates the transport of the wounded over rough terrain in the case to be dragged the protection protects the injured from accidental bumps to the back it is particularly suitable for river rescue canyoning costituita da due lastre in lega di alluminio e progettata per essere montata sulla barella lecco facilita il trasporto del ferito su terreni accidentati nel caso debba essere trascinata la protezione tutela il ferito da urti accidentale al dorso È particolarmente indicata per il recupero in torrenti canyoning

stretchers barelle professional rescue 2018 911 canyon www.kong.it 911 netfull new 911 shell new a real revolution for river and canyoning rescue special stretcher designed for river rescue fitted with a dry-bag watertight wide padded internal webbing straps for fast securing of the injured an aluminium alloy frame kevlar cradle with holes for water discharge head protection and lexan visor fast disassembly into two pieces for easy transportation the stretcher comes with all the accessories including the hanging kit it is equipped with fully waterproof bag in trilaminate fabric patient immobilization straps which are fully padded and feature fast attachment hardware ultra-light aluminium chassis with a fiberglass cradle which has holes for water drainage lexan visor with integrated breathing valve to protect the patient’s head without restricting breathing two frame pieces to facilitate transportation suspension kit is fully buoyant 1 stretchers barelle new new net

lifting devices dispositivi di sollevamento tripods tripodi professional rescue 2018 www.kong.it 2 lifting devices dispositivi di sollevamento tripods tripodi cevedale mono 1 winch/argano cevedale base no winch/argano cevedale is a tripod made of light aluminium alloy fitted with extendible poles with three positions it is fitted with two speed winches for ice rocks and civil operations light compact and easy to use cevedale allows quick intervention and set up on any type of ground it is very easy to carry in its special pvc bag it is supplied with all accessories needed for intervention very easy and quick assembly cevedale can also be used as a “fishing pole” on vertical rock or a glacier in an emergency situation supplied with accessories n° 2 heavy duty pulley and n° 3 hms screw sleeve connectors this tripod stand which requires the use of textile ropes both static and dynamic has been designed for civil operations sewers confined spaces buildings etc

evacuation evacuazione professional rescue 2018 3 evacuation evacuazione www.kong.it rolley double rolley ortis totem aluminium pulley for evacuation from cableways with a single nylon pulley and sliding bearing bushing equipped with a locking lever for maximum security once positioned on the cable aluminium pulley for evacuation from cableways with a double nylon pulley and sliding bearing bushing equipped with a locking lever for maximum security once positioned on the cable carrucola in alluminio per evacuazione da teleferica con puleggia singola in nylon e cuscinetto radente bronzina dotata di leva di chiusura che garantisce la massima sicurezza una volta posizionata sul cavo carrucola in alluminio per evacuazione da teleferica con doppia puleggia in nylon e cuscinetto radente bronzina dotata di leva di chiusura che garantisce la massima sicurezza una volta posizionata sul cavo ortis is a self-locking lowering device manually run by one operator used for evacuation

transport trasporto waka heli net special harness developed for lifting cows and horses in emergency situations and heli-transport operations it can also be used for similar-sized animals it is made of polyester ht for heavy loads and low stretch it weights only 3 kg wrong use of the harness could cause loss of the animal if the animal is nervous or in shock use a sedative special net for heli-transport fitted with a marked central point and four easyto-find rings available in 3x3 m and 4x4 m other sizes available on request mesh size 50x50 mm or 100x100 mm available also in black speciale imbracatura studiata per il sollevamento e l’elitrasporto di mucche e cavalli in situazioni di emergenza può essere utilizzata per animali di taglia similare realizzato in poliestere ht ad alto carico e basso allungamento peso contenuto in soli 3 kg l’utilizzo improprio può provocare la perdita dell’animale 5 harnesses imbracature professional rescue 2018 rete

training course with civil protection vallo di diano ph ettore togni slings fettucce 38 6

slings fettucce professional rescue 2018 7 snow ice neve ghiaccio yaku vario lanyard with two arms made of dyneema tape with strong seams specifically conceived for rescue activity fitted with hanging loops very useful in helicopter operations longe di fettuccia cucita a due bracci studiata appositamente per il soccorso in montagna dotata di attacchi specifici per l’utilizzo con elicottero 13 mm 272d500b0kk 42 material en 354 en 566 en 358 en 795/b dyneema g kn mm 120 22 190 watch the ski rescue video guarda il video soccorso piste dolomiti di brenta avalanche training ph piergiorgio vidi

snow ice neve ghiaccio professional rescue 2018 avalanche rescue kit #227set002kk 2 cordolets 30 m 2 cordini 30 m 1 kit bag 46 www.kong.it description ean code page #2 new kit that allows a systematic search of missing person in the avalanche area through a modular grid consisting of a system of cords composed of n° 1 kit bag compact and sturdy bag to hold the kit equipped with side handle made of ultra-resistant material n° 2 cordolets 30 m side delimitation cords diameter 4 mm length 30 m slotted at the ends and centerline for fixing on the poles equipped with high visibility flags with a pitch of 60 cm which determine the sequence of vertical movement of the operators n° 1 cordolet 10 m cross-delimitation cord diameter 4 mm length 10 m slotted at the end for sliding on the side delimitation lanyards equipped with high visibility flags in alternating colors with a pitch of 30 cm which determine the horizontal distance between the operators n° 9 poles poles

kong s.p.a via xxv aprile 4 zona industriale i 23804 monte marenzo lc italy tel +39 0341630506 fax +39 0341641550 info@kong.it www.kong.it “campione gratuito di modico valore art 2 c 3 dpr 633/72” kong rescue 2018 en/it rev