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climb work rescue products 6 descenders 12 alftm climb assist pulley 42 back-up ropegrab devices 20 smartsnaptm continuous attachment device 44 hand chest ascenders 22 zip trolleys 46 anchors accessories 23 zip/adventure park accessories 48 climbtech portable anchors 25 pulleys 51 deadweight portable anchors 29 portawraps 54 tripod systems 30 singing tree rope wrench 57 arachnipod total edge management system 32 karabiners 59 stretcher spinal board 33 snaphooks 63 fall arrest blocks srls 34 tactical/military products 64 progress capture pulleys 39 buckles components 66 r-alftm lh-alftm locking systems 40 quick release buckles qrbs 68

d4tm work/rescue descender the d4tm is a double-stop device with an auto-lock function which is activated whenever the operator lets go of the handle and a panic brake which is not overly sensitive in normal use rp880 d4tm work/rescue descender features applications the d4tm cam is made from a super hard solid stainless steel and is highly wear and corrosion resistant the d4tm is a featured product compliant with ce standards nfpa t and ansi z359.4 for the worldwide rope access and rescue markets which typically use 10.5mm/11mm ropes the d4tm descender features a unique and innovative progressive cam action which offers control at slow or fast speeds the progressive cam works by way of one cam operating inside another cam it is also easy to back-feed the rope through the d4tm and therefore it can be used for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling when used as part of a 2:1 ‘z-rig’ push button location hole the d4tm d5tm both feature a rated load of 240kg 550lbs

rp203 rp204 rp209 rp205 ropegrabs back-up devices isc standard ropegrabs are available with fixed or removable pip pin axles the pip pin axle is quick and easy to fit/release and allows the ropegrab to be fitted to the rope at any point without detaching from the user’s harness isc ropegrabs can be used on work positioning lanyard/fliplines as well as part of vertical fall arrest systems redtm back-up device the red’s cams have a positively locking spring which means that the device is self-parking rather than self-tailing this is important for rope access work techniques as they require the back-up device to be positioned so as to reduce fall factors to a minimum rotational braking the redtm makes use of ‘rotational braking’ which means that the device rotates clockwise creating friction and resistance which then results in very effective automatic braking in the event of a sudden pull on the cows-tail such as might occur during a main line failure the red

beam trolley ct100 new vertical/fixed beam clamp the climbtechtm beam trolley is a mobile anchor point for use on structural beams the device is fitted with toggle plates which allow for simple adjustment of the rollers when installing/uninstalling the device the beam trolley is ideal for use as an anchor connection for fall arrest systems not suitable for material handling no surface alteration i.e drilling is required in order to use the beam trolley ct113 the climbtechtm vertical beam clamp is quick and easy to fit remove and adjust designed to clamp onto steel beams from 102mm 4” to 635mm 25” with a minimum flange thickness of .25” 102mm 355mm 4” 14” range thickness 635mm 25” technical information ct100 weight mbs wll 221g 8oz 22kn 5000lbf 140kg 310lb technical information beam sliders beam slider the climbtech i-beam slider and super beam sliders are lightweight reusable anchor clamps which can be attached to a range of beam widths the beam

fall arrest blocks srls isc fall arrest blocks are fitted with fall indicating swivel eye connectors as standard all isc blocks have solid aluminium housings proven to last in all sorts of environments from rental to off-shore the internal mechanisms are simple making them easily servicable ub100 10m/32ft weight 4.2kg 8.8lb wll 140kg 310lb merlin fall arrest blocks new the new merlin wire fall arrest blocks are lightweight blocks with durable cast aluminium housings the new design features an offset attachment hole designed to position the block in order to keep the working line free from excessive bend as it exits the block as standard merlin blocks are fitted with a ce and ansi rated steel swivel-eye double-action snaphook with built-in fall indicator but other connectors including stainless steel models are available on request ub100/250/251 are available with stainless steel cable ub250 25m/82ft weight 12kg 423oz wll 140kg 310lb 34 ub251 25m/82ft weight 12.5kg 441oz wll 140kg

kits r-alftm rescue auto locking pulley 2:1 kit the r-alftm has an over-speed brake built in so that it will automatically lock and hold when a fall occurs the load rated becket eye can be used in combination with a range of isc medium prussik pulleys to set up a 3:1 pick off kit or a 5:1 hauling kit and whichever combination is used if the user loses control of the descent the overspeed brake will automatically kick-in rp431 3:1 kit 5:1 kit r-alf hauler 2-way locking 0 1 1 lh-alf hauler 1-way locking 1 0 0 atlas scaffold anchor connector 1 1 1 medium single prussik no becket 1 0 0 medium single prussik becket 0 2 0 medium double prussik becket 0 0 2 professional hand ascender 0 1 1 aluminium oval karabiner supersafe 2 2 2 the above kits are supplied with a ropebag instructions and sufficient rope to allow for 10m 32ft height of lift hol other hol available on request rp433 2:1 features applications the r-alftm system can be set up with almost any en1891a 11mm 7/16th rope the only

why zippeytm clip ‘n’ zip this new compact trolley has been introduced to compete with lightweight one-handed fitting trolleys often the trolleys for this end of the market are ‘low-cost’ or ‘budget’ options which suffer the common problems of premature wear due to poor materials short bearing life due to poor quality bearings and offer very few features rp074 features applications having consulted zipline operators from around the world throughout the development of the zippeytm we have succeeded in incorporating all the positive features needed to overcome the challenges faced by the industry zippeytm is manufactured from high-spec 4mm aluminium plate has a forged aluminium gate which incorporates a stainless steel closure spring and stainless steel wheels with a unique option of greasable bearings for increased longevity in harsh environments and stainless steel wheels all of which offer the best weight to performance ratio on the market

new rp048 rp050 rp055 rp054 rp051 colour coding side cheeks pulley wheel rp056 flame rp048 rp050 rp051 isc rigging blocks have colour-coded side cheeks and pulley wheels helping the user to easily identify the correct block for the task we have introduced a new fixed bollard dimension which allows the user to fall in-line with rigging standard practice whereby the anchor/topping strop should be twice the strength of the working line rp054 rp057 rp055 rp056 rp057 features rounded plates smooth edges minimise rope wear markings plate quick easy pulley identification technical information chamfered pin head for quick easy location of the spring-lock pin 54 wider profile accommodates larger topping strops working line topping strop wll size mbs size mbs unit weight rp048 1700kg 3800lb 13mm 1/2” 8500kgf 19000lbf 16mm 5/8” 7400kgf 16650lbf 0.5kg 1lb rp050 2000kg 4400lb 13mm 1/2” 4500kgf 9900lbf 19mm 3/4” 10630kgf 24000lbf 1.8kg 5.5lb rp051 2000kg 4400lb 16mm

steel karabiners kh219 iron wizard kh455 big dan kh202 klettersteig kh212 hms kh311 oval kl321 offset oval p sg tl ss ssq sg ss ssq weight 365g 12.9oz gate opening 27mm 1 1/8” mbs 50kn 11240lbf weight 264g 9.3oz gate opening 28mm 1 1/8” mbs 70kn 15736lbf kh308 d shape kl200 offset d sg tl ss ssq weight 276g 9.7oz gate opening 23mm 7/8” mbs 50kn 11240lbf kh260 twister sg tl sg ss tl ss sg weight 188g 6.7oz gate opening 17mm 5/8” mbs 25kn 5620lbf weight 250g 8.8oz gate opening 26mm 1” mbs 50kn 11240lbf kh301 captive eye kh305 captive eye large side opening p sg tl p tl ss sg tl ss sg weight 255g 9oz gate opening 20mm 3/4” mbs 50kn 11240lbf weight 175g 6.2oz gate opening 17mm 5/8” mbs 35kn 7868lbf kh415 iron wizard large kh400 atlas tl ss weight 348g 12oz gate opening 18mm 3/4” mbs 40kn 8992lbf kh407 scaffold hook sg tl ss tl ssq ss ssq weight 395g 14oz gate opening 45mm 1 3/4” mbs 40kn 8992lbf weight 261g 9.2oz gate opening 18mm

bu102/bu106 bl121/bl122 components bu102g we offer a comprehensive range of metal components to meet a huge variety of needs our engineering expertise allows us to offer a diverse range of items from simple harness fittings for industrial harnesses through to high-spec adjusters for motorsport and aviation harnesses as well as custom designed aluminium forgings 3 bar slides stainless steel bu121e square links stainless steel bu102 size 45mm 1 3/4” bl121 weight 30g 1oz size 45mm 1 3/4” weight 30g 1oz bu180 bu182 bu183 bu106 bl122 3 bar slide steel 3 bar slide steel size 50mm 1 3/4” size 45mm 1 3/4” size 45mm 1 3/4” size 45mm 1 3/4” weight 40g 1.4oz weight 30g 1oz weight 30g 1oz weight 34g 1.2oz bu200 bu184 bu185 bu101 ap184 sh101 3 bar slides steel square links stainless steel sliding 3 bar steel compact hook size 50mm 2” size 75mm 3” size 45mm 1 3/4” size 50mm 2” weight 46g 1.6oz weight 102g 3.4oz weight 48g 1.7oz weight

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