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colours of the world 2 x 35 e 7 10 0 a e g 2 x e 27 liquid chalk chalk bag via ferrata magnesium carbonat data sheet light alloy anti slip urban bag water repellent ball bearing 20 kn the spirit triple action stainless steel we are the world heavy duty polar fleece 3 kn travel bag every day quick dry natural comfort taken to top performances real life rope 20 mm the spirit of water back to the easy to clean compact twin mont blanc snow and ice the best of world all terrain come together one and one on top 65 80 kg 107 cm 275 g en 361 250 ml 61 cm 76 cm g 9 75 cm 44 g g 8 m 61 b 96

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when the first cordage the ancestor of today’s edelweiss ropes was produced in austria mountaineering as a sport was barely born it was 1790 and the mont blanc had recently been climbed for the first time the needs of this brand new alpine culture were met by edelweiss in 1935 when their first mountaineering rope was made this was only the beginning in the pioneering development of mountain gear the history of edelweiss is landmarked by major innovations which supported the evolution of mountaineering and modern sport climbing inventor of the kernmantle rope in 1953 edelweiss introduced maybe the major innovation ever in the world of mountain sports the first “kernmantle” rope was born a rope made of a separate core covered by a braided sheath the rope was more resistant to abrasion and more durable but above all it was safer to climb on this safety opened the way to the mountains for many and it is still used for all climbing ropes mastering design in house

spirit expert performance 9.2mm ½ performance 9.2 is the hybrid rope that synthesizes the extreme needs of serious climbers the performance is a certified half twin and single rope the everdry/supereverdry treatment makes this rope water and abrasion resistant extending the life of the rope now featuring unicore the performance brings even more safety in alpine terrain and enhanced lifetime trad ice and alpine climbers call the performance when every gram counts and the slightest bit of rope drag can mean the difference between success and failure on the sharp end performance 9,2mm unicore supereverdry weight norm code color 52 g/m ce en 892 uiaa ca92 ■ c-1400 ■ d-1401 performance 9,2mm unicore everdry weight norm code color 52 g/m ce en 892 uiaa cr92 ■ a-1122 ■ b-1123

copyright elisa negro

low stretch ropes copyright szilagyi palko pal

connection jet screw closure screw gate carabiner catch free closure and light weight ergonomic body type length width weight major axis minor axis open material norm code b 107 mm 66 mm 65 g 24 kn 8 kn 7 kn light alloy ce en 12275/362 uiaa mjet

rigging catch free nose oval carabiner with screw gate closure it’s symmetrical shape helps to keep components of a system alighned guadro oval screw closure o3 type: x/b length:  110 mm width:  61 mm opening:  18 mm weight:  73 g major axis:  22 kn minor axis:  8 kn open:  6 kn material:  light alloy norm:  ce en 12275/362 uiaa code: mguardo type: x/b length:  110 mm width:  61 mm opening: 16mm weight:  81 g major axis:  22 kn minor axis:  8 kn open:  8 kn material:  light alloy norm:  ce en 12275 362 uiaa code: mo3

ascension tb16 chest ascender this very compact device is designed to fit perfectly our harness hercules-evo and as well all the fullbody harnesses with sternal y straps construction its specific shape allows it not to turn on itself thus improving the fluidity on the way up movement the decreased position of the device improve the amplitude and efficiency of every movement the full stainless steel mechanism insures a high durability height width weight norm norm  body cam lever protection code 82mm 74mm 160 g ce en 567 en 12841-b 100kg for ropes 8 13mm in en 567 for ropes 10 13mm in en 12841-b light alloy stainless steel plastic mtb16

chalk bag dj ropebag chalk bag with polar fleece inside its generous volume makes really easy to chalk-up equiped with drawcord closure brush holder removable and ajustable waist belt hip and functional dj style ropebag featuring zippered pocket gear-loop integrated brushy fabric to clean the soles of the climbing shoes base mat for the rope compression straps and big adjustable shoulder strap diameter diameter height weight material code 13cm 12 cm 17 cm 85 g 100 polyester sac.mag18x weight 665 g material 90 polyester 5 polypropylene 2,5 zinc alloy 2,5 pvc code sac.dj