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tech specs tested and approved knotability k a single overhand knot is tensioned with a 10 kg weight for one minute then the internal diameter of the knot is measured with the tension reduced to 1 kg the internal diameter divided by the rope diameter k 1,2 sheath slippage s 2 m of rope is placed in the pulling rig and drawn through it 5 times sheath slippage must not exceed 15 mm for type b ropes and 20 10 d 9 mm where d is the rope diameter for type a ropes fall factor f the fall factor is the ratio of the length of the fall taken to the length of rope which arrests it impact force if this is the force which is transmitted to person connector and anchor point during the arrest of a fall the impact force given in the performance tables is that obtained by a fall factor 0,3 with a 100 kg mass for type a ropes and an 80 kg mass for type b ropes this is required to be less than 6 kn shrinkage r the percentage shrinkage of the rope after soaking in water for 24 hours number of falls the number of falls sustained is determined on a rig which reproduces factor i falls.the terminations on the test length are made with figure of 8 knots the drop falls are made at intervals of three minutes five falls must be sustained using a 100 kg mass for type a 80 kg for type b mass of the sheath the minimum sheath percentage which must compose the rope is calculated by s 4d 4 d² x 100 where d is the rope diameter static strength the force required to break the rope when it is pulled slowly type a ropes must exceed 22 kn type b ropes 18 kn elongation e this is the elongation of the rope which occurs between loads of 50 kg and 150 kg it must not exceed 5  knotted terminations knotted terminations static strength with knotted terminations a sample of the rope terminated with a figure of 8 must withstand for 3 minutes a force of 15kn type a 12kn type b fall factor impact force elongation knotability static strength with knotted terminations 5