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rope accessories rope protector reinforced pvc rope protection wit extremely high abrasion resistance to prevent rope damages when the rope is installed on an edge rock or potentially hazardous surface opens and attaches easily lengths material weight code 70cm 90cm 120cm polyamid pvc 110g 135g 175g tex.70 tex.90 tex.120 rope cleaner a none-aggressive detergent developed for easy cleaning of polyamide products ropes or harnesses however the water temperature used should be less than 30 celcius code rope brush our own development for cleaning ropes after action the brush adapts easy to different rope diameters fix the brush on the rope then slide the brush along the rope while holding the rope under water code d.roclean thermo cutter this thermocutter features an electrically heated blade designed for cutting all ropes easily and effortlessly heats up instantly code d.thcut 42 d.robrush