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standards european standards edelweiss production follows a very high technical standard to ensure safety our iso 9001 manufacturing process guarantees consistent quality our personal protective equipment meets and even exceeds the relevant en standards rope identification the rope has a band fastened at its end indicating its type type a or b its diameter the name of the manufacturer and the number of the euro norm to which it conforms meaning of markings ce  conformity to the european directive 0120  number of the notified body en1891  technical reference conformity to standards type the low-stretch ropes these are sometimes wrongly called static they allow access to and positioning at the worksite they have moderate stretch which allows them to absorb sufficient energy to arrest falls of factor 0.3 the types of ropes there are two types of ropes • type a rope for use in rescue or as a working or security line for work at height in the latter case it is used for access to the place of work in combination with other items of equipment or to undertake work under tension or in suspension on the rope • type b rope of lesser diameter and strength than type a demanding greater precautions and attention to security during use the sheath serves to protect the rope from abrasion storage and lifetime the working life depends on the frequency and the type of use abrasion uv exposure and humidity gradually degrade the properties of the rope note that with use a rope thickens and thus loses up to 10  length storage time in good storage conditions a rope may be kept for 5 years before first use without affecting its future lifetime duration in use lifetime in use a rope could be destroyed during its first use it is the inspections which determine if the product must be scrapped more quickly proper storage between uses is essential the lifetime of the rope in use must never exceed 10 years the total maximum lifetime storage before use lifetime in use is thus limited to 15 years the core the heart of the rope providing the majority of its strength nb a security rope is always of core and sheath construction 10 thin band running through the rope indicating its type diameter the standard it conforms to and year of manufacture coloured filament integrated into the rope indicating the year of manufacture 4 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19