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pro harnesses hercules evo full body combination of sit and shoulders norm s m-l xl code ce en 813 en 358 en 361 height 155-175cm waist 70-90cm legs 55-65cm height 170-185cm waist 80-105cm legs 55-65cm height 180-210cm waist 90-130cm legs 60-75cm herevo.ful quadro junction catch free nose trapezoid carabiner with automatic closure its double action opening increases security its specific shape is designed to perfectly connect webbing systems such as sit and chest harnesses i.e our hercules evo type b length 85mm width 70mm opening 15mm weight 80 g major axis strength 20 kn minor axis strength 10 kn open gate strength 5 kn material light alloy norm ce en362 code mquad mquad.m hercules evo sit sit harness made from highly resistant materials padding is reinforced with a polyethylene plate 2 revolving side attachment points at 180° according to the en 358 standard formed and braided gear loops supporting lots for your equipment with a guaranteed capacity of 10kg • additional loops with a guaranteed capacity of 5kg • streak reflex at waist belt • textile loop for the en 813 standard attachment point is extra protected • 4 adjustment buckles • easy to combine with hercules evo shoulders norm s m-l xl code ce en 813 en 358 height 155-175cm waist 70-90cm height 170-185cm waist 80-105cm height 180-210cm waist 90-130cm herevo.sit legs 55-65cm legs 55-65cm legs 60-75cm 32