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intro edelweiss is active in the field of safety at height sport and professional since 1953 we have invented the modern ropes construction still used nowadays we are not only a brand of pioneers we are always working to develop better solutions welcome to our 2018 catalogue edelweiss stays loyal to its values and offers safety to professionals with reliable and durable products for the 2018 season we introduce new products here is a summary page 8 b lue and red additional colors for the ropes promax 10,5 and 11mm page 17 new design and new offer for the lanyard with energy absorber absorb page 10 blue and red additional colors for the rope rescue 13mm page 18 smart connector sk60 page 16 adjustable lanyard alto page 39 industrial safety helmet arrow page 16 new design for the lanyard trax photo credit martin fickweiler 2