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lanyard alto adjustable lanyard norm ce en358 material pa/pes for the lanyard light alloy for the adjuster and connector alto is an adjustable en358 work positioning lanyard in 12,5 mm semi-static rope available with or without connectors 2 lengths 200 400cm and following features easy adjusting rope clamp -tubular protection webbing for the rope sewn termination with reinforced eye transparent cover that allows the inspection of sewing marked with a unique serial number code size 440 g i.60 60 cm 80 g 400 cm 645 g i.80 80 cm 100 g lra.200.p 200 cm 575 g i.100 100 cm 120 g lra.400.p 400 cm 780 g i.120 150 cm 140 g code size lra.200 200 cm lra.400 weight trax trax is a dynamic lanyard and can also be used as temporary anchor device for working at height both ends have stitched eyes with plastic cover and extra webbing tape as abrasion protection dynamic lanyard total length type code norm trax i ldi.60 60 cm en354 en795b trax i ldi.80 80 cm en354 en795b trax i ldi.100 100 cm en354 en795b trax i ldi.120 120 cm en354 en795b whitout any connectors dynamic progression lanyard total length type code norm trax v ldv.65 30/65cm en354 trax v ldv.85 30/85cm en354 whitout any connectors 16 weight