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cords cords multi purpose polyamide accessory cords with great abrasion resistance thanks to a specific braiding available on roll or packet lengths code diameter length color weight breaking strength norm c01 cord 1mm 200m black 0,65 g/m 0,35 kn c02 cord 2mm 60m 10m black 3,6 g/m 0,8 kn c03 cord 3mm 60m 10m red 6 g/m 1,8 kn c04 cord 4mm 60m 10m violet 10,4 g/m 3,2 kn en564 uiaa c05 cord 5mm 60m 5m grey 18,7 g/m 5 kn en564 uiaa c06 cord 6mm 60m 5m green 23,1 g/m 7,2 kn en564 uiaa c07 cord 7mm 60m 5m blue 31,9 g/m 9,8 kn en564 uiaa c08 cord 8mm 60m yellow 47 g/m 12,8 kn en564 uiaa c09 cord 9mm 60m orange 53 g/m 16,2 kn photo credit martin fickweiler 12