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rope bags  rope bags ropebucket kitbag keep everything in perfect order and within reach with teufelberger´s unique transport and storage bags made of the material of the treemotion harness they are ✔ extremely robust ✔ stable ✔ breathable ✔ permeable to moisture and water ✔ provided with a system of perforations for the easy and fast attachment of frequently needed work equipment ✔ long-living with replaceable rope parts ropebucket 50l this bag also comes with shoulder straps and the comfort handle which make it easy to carry it fits into the 80l bag kitbag 30l this bag has the same size bottom as ropebucket 50l however stacked on top of the 50l model it fits into the 80l bag kitbag 25l this bag fits into any of the 30l 50l and 80l bags the bags come in four different sizes designed for different combinations of gear a convenient system of perforations allows users to arrange their equipment systematically according to their own preferences as a set the bags can be stacked conveniently inside one another and thus take up little storage space the following parts of bags can be replaced ✔ rope red/gray ✔ front and rear bottom edges ✔ straps for back and shoulder ✔ carabiners ropebucket 80l the biggest of the bags with a storage volume of 80 liters shoulder straps and a comfort handle make it very easy to carry load carrying capacity of the bags 220 lbs do not use for lifting loads and people extremely robust single shoulder strap for easier transport included with deliveries of ropebucket 80l and 50l made of the proven material of the treemotion harness perforation system for the fast and easy attachment of work equipment carabiners for multiplestrap carrying system included with deliveries of ropebucket 80l and 50l handle for enhanced lifting comfort ropebucket 80l and 50l multiple-strap carrying system for longer distances included with deliveries of ropebucket 80l and 50l breathable thanks to a system of perforations long life thanks to replaceable wearing parts water permeable bottom solid design bottom edge protectors for hands and back 49