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 teufelberger one company – infinite possibilities when it comes to your safety we leave nothing to chance as the largest manufacturer of safety and rescue ropes worldwide we are your trusted partner for safety products that are perfectly tailored for working at height industries teufelberger keeps you safe – always global competence with facilities in europe usa trusted partner for international oems extensive product portfolio static ropes dynamic ropes heat-resistant ropes throwlines general purpose ropes technical laces accessories comprehensive product development process fiber research prototype development internal inspection compatibility testing teufelberger is the largest manufacturer of safety and rescue ropes worldwide and specializes in ropes for workplace safety rope access emergency response and all segments involving working with a risk of falls from a height in addition to the static safety and rescue ropes including heat resistant ropes and throwlines our portfolio also includes dynamic climbing ropes of teufelberger’s maxim® brand technical laces for safety footwear as well as customized production of fall protection ropes and equipment for international oems together with our customers we develop ropes that make work easier safer and more ergonomic the keys to our success are international locations and a high degree of interaction with the customer our product development teams in europe and the us work closely with our customers and external partners like research institutes and certification authorities to create products that do not only meet european and international standards but also live up to the high expectations of industry professionals product development is key the development of our product portfolio is an ongoing process fueled by our innovative spirit our aspirations for continuous improvement and our passion to develop the best products for work at great heights due to these characteristics we have been able to convert groundbreaking ideas such as our innovative platinum ® technology into practical solutions our product development process incorporates fiber research and testing prototype development internal inspections tests for compatibility with commercially available products field tests practical field testing certification and practical trials by experienced users finally the process culminates with the product certification conducted by independent third parties this comprehensive product development process was developed and refined over the years and has played an important role in making teufelberger a key player in the world of work at height quality without compromises at teufelberger quality is a key priority from the receipt of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product strict quality checks are standard practice each rope lanyard or sling made by teufelberger has its individual inspection number which not only indicates the year it was manufactured but also ensures the traceability of the product your trusted partner our portfolio is already extensive nevertheless we continue to develop innovative products that meet your evolving needs and requirements teufelberger offers comprehensive expertise in various segments of rope engineering which gives you a decisive advantage in the selection and development of your rope our research and development department engineers custom-tailor solutions and implements them in the best possible way whatever requirements are we are the right partner for you!