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accessory cords loops  tech cord made in tech cord is extremely strong and extremely abrasion resistant the polyester cover surrounds a parallel fiber core of 100 technora® resulting in a cord that gets extremely high tensile strength the reported tensile strength of tech cord as with any rope can be significantly reduced when used with a knot the most recommended knot for this cord is a double fishermans features specifications ✔ exceptionally strong ✔ abrasion resistant ✔ perfect for cordelette core cover 3mm 5mm black orange blue Ø mm weight inch technora® polyester braid 24 green min breaking strength free length g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 3 ⅛ 11.3 0.76 1,335 3,000 5 3⁄16 23.4 1.57 2,090 4,700 ocean vectran® made in the ocean vectran® rope has long become indispensable in the field of hitchcords composed of a polyester/aramid sheath which is also used in the ocean polyester makes the rope highly abrasion resistant grippy and heat resistant the load-bearing core of this rope is made of a high-strength vectran® and allows for very high breaking loads with a diameter of only 6mm features specifications ✔ highly abrasion resistant ✔ grippy ✔ heat resistant core cover standard vectran® polyester aramid en 564 braid 24 6mm green/yellow Ø mm 6 weight inch ¼ min breaking strength free length g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 32.5 2,200 5,000 2.20 37