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  heat resistant ropes aramid escape made in aramid escape line was designed in collaboration with science and safety officers from the country’s largest fire departments and the world’s leading fiber manufacturers to improve the safety of firefighters – especially those working in tall buildings technora® is a perfect fiber for a fire escape rope for its high decomposition point 500°c 900°f and durability an important consideration in bailout situations where sharp glass or rough exterior building materials threaten the integrity of the escape rope the supple product packs tightly into a compact bag which can be worn on a belt and deployed instantly if necessary features specifications ✔ especially designed for firefighters ✔ packs tightly into a compact bag ✔ high decomposition point and durability due to technora® fiber core technora® cover technora® standard nfpa 1983 braid 20 limited uv resistance 7.5mm gold-technora® nature Ø mm inch 7.5 1⁄4 weight min breaking strength free length cover g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 45.8 2,780 6,250 50.3 3.08 nfpa test results Ø elongation mm inch 7.5 1⁄4 approved class at 1.35 kn at 2.7 kn at 4.4 kn 1.10  1.40  1.60  escape rope yellowstone made in teufelberger’s yellowstone has a thick technora® sheath and a safety blue core made of high tenacity nylon yellowstone has little to no stretch and is highly cut and heat resistant it is perfect for rappelling in high heat situations or over sharp edges and has therefore even been used for rapelling into vulcanos the safety blue nylon core eliminates the bumpiness and “knot memory” that is common to other technora® ropes additionally it shows easily through any damage to the sheath features specifications ✔ high decomposition point up to 500°c ✔ high firmness and increased resistance to cutting and abrasion core nylon cover technora® standard nfpa 1983:2012 limited uv resistance 13mm gold-technora® nature Ø mm 13 inch ½ weight min breaking strength free length cover g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 98.9 4,090 9,200 79 6.65 nfpa test results Ø mm 13 elongation inch 1⁄2 approved class at 1.35 kn at 2.7 kn at 4.4 kn 2.10  4.60  6.30  technical use braid 16