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throw lines  water rescue rope made in water rescue rope is a spliceable floating rope for use in swift-water rescue applications the rope has a durable nylon sheath that protects the braided multifilament polypropylene mfp core from damaging uv rays this combination results in a strong product that floats just under the surface of the water the high visibility yellow color with contrasting red or blue flecks is easily seen in the water features specifications ✔ high load capacity ✔ floats ✔ high visibility ✔ good grip ability core cover mfp nylon braid 20 11mm yellow/blue yellow/red Ø weight min breaking strength free length mm inch g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 11 7⁄16 78.9 1,645 3,700 5.30 polygrip throwline made in the polygrip throwline is a floating rope made of a polypropylene cover on a nylon core that keeps the rope round the cover has an added “grip” feature which makes the rope easier to grab and hold with your hand in comparison to other similar diameter ropes. the polygrip throwline is certified to nfpa 1983 throwline requirements features specifications ✔ excellent floating characteristics ✔ very good grip core nylon cover polypropylene standard nfpa 1983 braid 16 9.1mm yellow Ø weight min breaking strength free length mm inch g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 9,1 23⁄64 43.1 1,375 3,100 2.90 27