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dynamic ropes  dynaflex made in dynaflex is a dynamic rope that is designed to withstand a relatively high number of falls it is provided with a 40-or 48-plait cover whose close weave protects the nylon cores within from contamination the highly twined yarns increase the abrasion resistance of the rope and the regular pattern in the cover makes dynaflex very grippy and convenient to use all these characteristics make it the perfect rope for use under extreme conditions and for cow’s tails in rope access all diameters of dynaflex are certified to en 892 features ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ 10mm red/black 11.3mm red/black black specifications core nylon cover nylon standard en 892 compact 40 or 48-plait cover very grippy handling high abrasion resistance good for cow s tails braid 40 10mm 48 11,3mm blue/black Ø weight elongation en 892 uiaa max impact force uiaa cover number of falls mm g/m lbs/100 dynamic static kn min 10.0 61.0 4.10 31 6.5 9.0 39 7 9 11.3 82.0 5.50 30 6.0 9.0 36 16 18 © tom arban avg 23