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  static ropes braided safety blue made in braided safety blue combines features that ensure unparalleled safety ergonomics and durability the blue core of braided safety blue is exposed when the rope suffers deep damage or has worn down to a point where it should be discarded as a full 12.7mm rope braided safety blue goes easy on your hands this allows you to work longer and avoid injury where durability is concerned braided safety blue‘s design and detailed workmanship are unrivaled the additional step of plying the yarns in the strands results in a firmer rounder and more durable strand other 16-strand ropes skip this step making them more susceptible to abrasion and shortening their life spans 12.7mm hivee features specifications ✔ proprietary “blue” safety core ✔ plied strand yarns for improved abrasion resistance ✔ coating with a protective finish improves durability and grip ✔ easy to splice core nylon cover polyester standard en 1891 a ultravee tvee braid 16 white ce test results per en 1891 weight mm inch 12.7 1⁄2 shrinkage cover elon­gation 50-150 kg min breaking strength free length with [slaice]® with figure 8 knot g/m lbs/100 dan lbf dan lbf dan lbf 106.0 <5 2.20 2,580 5,800 1,500 3,370 1,500 3,370 83 7.10 © knut foppe Ø