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 teufelberger one company – infinite possibilities when it comes to your safety we leave nothing to chance as the largest manufacturer of safety and rescue ropes worldwide we are your trusted partner for safety products that are perfectly tailored for working at height industries teufelberger keeps you safe – always global competence with facilities in europe usa trusted partner for international oems extensive product portfolio static ropes dynamic ropes heat-resistant ropes throwlines general purpose ropes technical laces accessories comprehensive product development process fiber research prototype development internal inspection compatibility testing teufelberger is the largest manufacturer of safety and rescue ropes worldwide and specializes in ropes for workplace safety rope access emergency response and all segments involving working with a risk of falls from a height in addition to the static safety and rescue ropes including heat resistant ropes and

  static ropes km iii made in km iii is an exceptional static rope for rappelling caving rescue top roping fixed rope applications hauling and life safety applications the unique polyester sheath differentiates km iii from other static ropes the polyester sheath is balanced with a nylon core to limit rotation bouncing and stretch thirty-two strands provide the correct sheath for the unique demands of static rope and the optimum sheath/core ratio this allows for an incredibly smooth sheath higher tensile strengths and superior handling characteristics 8mm white 9.5–14.5mm white od green features specifications ✔ 32-strand sheath for optimum sheath core ratio ✔ polyester over nylon with a balanced torque free construction ✔ excellent handling and knot holding characteristics ✔ high abrasion resistance ✔ excellent uv protection core cover standard red safety green blue nylon braid 32 polyester en 1891 b 8.0mm 9.5mm en 1891 a 10mm 10.5mm 11mm

  static ropes tutor xg made in the “next generation” tutor xg replaces tutor hst and offers other diameters due to its higher cover proportion and the 40-plait braided cover tutor xg is very robust and also features particularly high breaking forces in the figure eight hitch the closely braided thick 40-plait cover of polyamide offers high abrasion resistance tutor xg is certified to en 1891 a and in selected systems also to 353-2 features specifications ✔ very robust due to high cover proportion ✔ high abrasion resistance due to 40-plait braided cover ✔ extremely high breaking force of 11mm in figure eight knot core nylon cover nylon standard en 1891 a 10mm 10.5mm white/red orange/black white/red orange/black red/black blue/black braid 32 10mm 40 10,5mm -12mm black 11mm 12mm white/red orange/black red/black blue/black black red/yellow ce test results per en 1891 Ø weight shrinkage elon­gation 50-150 kg min breaking strength free length with

dynamic ropes  dynamic ropes ©w ill sta nho pe dynamic lines are the standard for situations where a fall is likely they are designed to offer a stable rope with high-energy absorption this reduces the impact forces on the climber each of our climbing lines offers superior abrasion resistance and high durability

throw lines  water rescue rope made in water rescue rope is a spliceable floating rope for use in swift-water rescue applications the rope has a durable nylon sheath that protects the braided multifilament polypropylene mfp core from damaging uv rays this combination results in a strong product that floats just under the surface of the water the high visibility yellow color with contrasting red or blue flecks is easily seen in the water features specifications ✔ high load capacity ✔ floats ✔ high visibility ✔ good grip ability core cover mfp nylon braid 20 11mm yellow/blue yellow/red Ø weight min breaking strength free length mm inch g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 11 7⁄16 78.9 1,645 3,700 5.30 polygrip throwline made in the polygrip throwline is a floating rope made of a polypropylene cover on a nylon core that keeps the rope round the cover has an added “grip” feature which makes the rope easier to grab and hold with your hand in comparison

  accessory cords

  accessory cords loops ocean polyester made in ocean polyester is our response to the high demands of hitch cords composed of a polyester/aramid sheath and a polyester core its construction makes the rope highly abrasion resistant grippy and heat resistant ocean polyester is a great value for the money 8–10mm green/yellow Ø specifications ✔ highly abrasion resistant ✔ grippy ✔ heat resistant core cover standard polyester polyester aramid en 564 8mm braid 32 red/yellow weight mm features min breaking strength free length inch g/m lbs/100 dan lbf 8 5⁄16 50.0 3.40 2,200 5,000 10 ⅜ 72.0 4.80 3,300 7,410 ocean polyester loop made in tested to en 795 b and en 566 respectively the ocean polyester loop is suited for a wide range of uses and is a must-have for all industrial climbers manufactured on automated machines the stitched rope connection is of higher quality and less bulky than a knot the static breaking force of the op loop 10mm was

  general purpose ropes duraten made in duraten is a high strength fiber rope made of uhmwpe ultrahigh-molecular-weight-polyethylene fibers it offers a high breaking strength has a high reverse bending fatigue strength and a long service life duraten is available without any core or optionally with a pes cover duraten pro-p uhmwpe fibers are distinguished by their extremely high strength in comparison to their weight other characteristics of this high-end and very versatile fiber include maximum abrasion resistance low elongation no water absorption buoyancy and good uv resistance duraten is especially suitable when used for drum spill or vehicle winches overhead line construction or as a mounting rope all diameters black features specifications ✔ 7 times less weight than comparable steel wire ropes ✔ high breaking force higher than that of most steel wire ropes of the same diameter available in the market ✔ no corrosion and/or soiling caused by rope grease

rope bags  rope bags ropebucket kitbag keep everything in perfect order and within reach with teufelberger´s unique transport and storage bags made of the material of the treemotion harness they are ✔ extremely robust ✔ stable ✔ breathable ✔ permeable to moisture and water ✔ provided with a system of perforations for the easy and fast attachment of frequently needed work equipment ✔ long-living with replaceable rope parts ropebucket 50l this bag also comes with shoulder straps and the comfort handle which make it easy to carry it fits into the 80l bag kitbag 30l this bag has the same size bottom as ropebucket 50l however stacked on top of the 50l model it fits into the 80l bag kitbag 25l this bag fits into any of the 30l 50l and 80l bags the bags come in four different sizes designed for different combinations of gear a convenient system of perforations allows users to arrange their equipment systematically according to their own

tech tips  technical properties of available raw materials pbo uhmwpe aramid lcp pes pa pp polybenzoxa zoles crystal polymer ultra high molecular weight polyethylene aromatic nylon liquid crystal polymer polyester polyamide poly­propylene typical marketing term zylon ® dyneema® technora® vectran® twaron® kevlar ® pes nylon pp strength dan/mm 2 574 345 300 300 110 81 52 specific weight g/cm 3 1.54 0.97 1.40 1.41 1.40 1.14 0.91 water intake   0.5 – 2.0 0 2 <0.1  <0.5 4–6 0 uv-resistance low good limited limited very well average good elongation 2.5 – 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5  10 – 16 20 – 25 18 – 22 abrasion resistance dry good very good very good very good good very good sufficient abrasion resistance wet good very good very good very good very good good good creep almost not measurable at high loads almost not measurable not measurable almost not measurable low at high loads melting temp ° c